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If you can dream it we can test it!

Fixture Design

The first step in any test is determining the best way to expose the unit to a specific environment. In the world of dynamics testing, this is accomplished by means of an adaptive, typically rigid structure - a fixture.

The design of a fixture should not be treated lightly, as adapting between the unit and equipment is not the only consideration. Successful testing relies on a fixture being lightweight, sturdy, and functional. Complications arising from fixture issues can bring testing to a standstill, causing delays and potentially raising costs.

We offer comprehensive fixture design services in order to ensure that your testing runs smoothly. Given drawings of your unit, our experienced engineers can design a cost-effective fixture that can facilitate the test process.

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Our facility includes a full machine shop, giving us the capability to build test fixtures on-site. Our shop is sufficient to handle most fixtures.

Having a fixture made on-site can have significant benefits to your testing program. Scheduling and coordination are simplified, and you can be sure that the finished product will be compatible with your units and our equipment. Our experienced machinists will help you create a testing platform to your specifications.

Due to the nature of dynamics, some fixtures can have unexpected behavior during testing. Our on-site shop is also there to make any modifications necessary in order to minimize delays and keep your tests running on schedule.


Some jobs call for a more intricate fixture. We are partnered with several machine shops across the valley who can handle any highly-specialized fixtures you may need.

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